Why is the BMW M3 so great?

The M3 is the most affordable BMW car of the moment, and its performance, style and technology make it the best car in the world right now.But the car also offers a few more secrets worth knowing.1.It’s lightest, lightest and best-equipped car in this class article In this article, we’re

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How to design an elegant, modern and modern style home in 60s style

By now, you’ve probably heard of the 60s design trend of the “modern style”.And while there are a lot of interesting concepts that went into this, the basic principles of the movement are the same as it was in the 60’s: design, design, more design, and more design.But in the

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What to Know: How to create a custom interior design template

In a few days, you’ll have your own home.You won’t be alone.The home design process starts with a few simple guidelines and tips to help you create a design that will look good, look smart, and feel good.1.Create a list of what you want the home to look like.You don’t

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Interior Design for the World’s Richest People

In a recent interview with Designing the World magazine, I spoke with designer Daniela Günther about interior design for the world’s wealthiest people, a topic that I find intriguing.I asked her how she thinks the world will be in 20 years time, given the rise of technology and the increasing

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Why ‘Culture Wars’ is a term worth keeping track of

The terms “culture wars” and “cultural genocide” are used interchangeably by some to describe the ongoing struggle between Western nations and their native populations.In fact, “cultural war” is one of the more commonly used terms to describe a broader series of international tensions.Both of these terms, however, have a much

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Real Madrid beat Atlético to reach Champions League final

Real Madrid defeated Atlétic 2-0 to reach the Champions League quarter-finals, while Borussia Dortmund clinched their first trophy in seven years.Real Madrid’s 2-2 draw with Atlética at the Santiago Bernabeu was their first-ever Champions League match, but they will play a double header on Thursday against Borussia Mönchengladbach.Barcelona beat Napoli

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How to find a great interior design job in the United States

The number of job openings for interior design is skyrocketing, and companies are hiring.But how can you get a good job in a country where it’s not always easy to find work?The answer is a little less clear than it might sound, according to a new report from the consulting

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Which is better for the interior designer?

The interior design industry is growing at a fast pace, but it still needs to get its priorities right.That means taking into account the different needs of different industries, said David K. Shih, the executive vice president and director of interior design at IKEA.The first priority for interior designers is

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Which Chicago interior design style best suits your lifestyle?

Chicago is home to some of the city’s best interior design.But the city is also home to a lot of other things you may not notice, like this home in Evanston.If you’re a fan of high ceilings, this would be the place for you.