£1bn: The most expensive home ever built in Scotland

A luxury home in Scotland has been purchased by a Chinese businessman for £1 billion.

The £1.1 billion house in Perthshire, which is designed by architect Gao Huanghua, is the most expensive ever built.

Gao’s house is the largest of its kind in the world.

It has a total floor area of 1,500 sq ft and a capacity of 100 bedrooms.

Its price tag is believed to be in excess of £5 million.

It is the first of a series of high-end homes to be built in the UK.

The first, the £1m Glamour House, was completed in 2011.

Its owner has since sold it to a Chinese consortium for £850 million.

In the past, Gao’s work has been recognised by the International Council of Architectural Musicians (ICAM), an organisation which promotes excellence in architecture in the arts.

It recently recognised Gao as the ‘World’s Most Influential Architect’.