3 Ways to Make Your Desk Stylish

Designer interior designers love to make their desks look like they are from another planet.

Here are three ways to make your desk look like a space station: 1.

The Space Station Desk is Made from a LEGO Set.

The original space station desk from the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been re-imagined as an interior designer’s dream.

To recreate the look, designers designed their own version of the space station from a Lego set.

This desk is so popular, the original space stations desk now comes in many different sizes and colors.

This space station style desk is the perfect desk for an interior design designer, or anyone who needs a space office.


The Star Trek Space Station Style Desk Is Made from LEGO.

Designer Jody Satterfield is famous for creating the iconic space station chair, the Chekov Chair.

This chair is so iconic, it was given to actress Nichelle Nichols for her role in the 1986 film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Designer Satterland created a replica of the Chekkov Chair for this project, and it is still used as the chair of the original Enterprise’s bridge crew.


The LEGO Star Trek Chekov Space Station Chair is the Official Chair of the USS Enterprise.

This LEGO Star Wars Chekov space station is made from a set of LEGO Star War pieces and has been customized with a Klingon and Vulcan insignia.

This iconic LEGO StarWars Chekov chair is the only LEGO Star wars set ever created that includes an official Starfleet captain.

What’s your favorite space desk look?

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