A sketchup interior designer’s tips for creating a modern home

The most important thing when designing a home is to focus on aesthetics, says interior designer and sketchup creator Daniela Dominguez.

And while she says that is easier said than done for some of us, she tells The Huffington Post that you can’t really go wrong with a sketchup home.

The house she lives in features a fireplace in the living room and a pool table and a custom-built decking and rug, which she says makes it look like a house in a sketch up.

She says that her clients are usually drawn to the simplicity of the house because they want something that is a little more accessible, but also a little bit more luxurious.

Here are a few of her favorite tips:1.

Select a good palette of colors to go with your house’s palette.

When choosing a palette, you want to look for neutral tones that have a neutral feel.

Domingez recommends a mix of light and dark colors, and she also likes to experiment with shades of blue or green.


Go for a neutral design element, like a light-colored door or window.

She recommends choosing a window or door that is not too wide or too narrow, or that has no glass.


If you’re using glass, make sure it is easy to remove.

Doms also recommends that the glass is easy for your client to remove, and to be able to see what’s inside.

She also recommends using an adhesive for the glass, and avoiding using a glass breaker.

If glass is used, it should be easy to break down.4.

For a more formal, formal look, Domingz suggests a dark wood flooring.

She likes to add accents to the wood floor to make it look more formal.5.

Be aware that if your home is on a lot of different floors, it will look like you’re making it up as you go.

Make sure your interior design studio has the tools and skills to get the job done.