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How to build your own furniture from the ground up

The design of furniture, as a form of art, is the stuff of legends.Its craftsmanship is unmatched by any other art form.And, as we know from the likes of Neoclassical architecture and Greek sculptures, it has become the main focus of attention for modern architects.

How the best interior design in New Zealand can save your life

The interior design industry in New Zeland is booming.While the industry has had an upsurge in the last five years, the growth is still quite modest.And there is a major lack of investment, especially in the interior design space.So why is that?“We’re a pretty low-income country and it is very

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The best new home design for Houston is this one, says HVAC expert

The best-kept secret in the world of interior design is this house in Houston.The design has been called “a house of the future” by DesignWeek Houston and is a work of genius by architect Daniel Bierut.Its interior design uses reclaimed wood, reclaimed water and reclaimed soil to create a house

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How to Design a Modern, Contemporary Interior for a Contemporary Home

The next generation of modernists is building more and more homes, but the trend isn’t necessarily for contemporary design.The trend is for modernist interior design. “It’s really about making sure that every aspect of the home feels timeless,” says David Rutter, owner of Rutter Associates.“Modernism is about making the design look

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Which is your favorite interior designer?

A new survey reveals that it’s not necessarily the designer’s ability to craft the design, but rather the level of detail.Of the designers surveyed, only 20 percent said their favorites were in the same range as the most expensive, most detailed, or best looking interior designers.In fact, only 15 percent

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3 Ways to Make Your Desk Stylish

Designer interior designers love to make their desks look like they are from another planet.Here are three ways to make your desk look like a space station: 1.The Space Station Desk is Made from a LEGO Set.The original space station desk from the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture has

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How to become a designer and how to make a name for yourself

The search for a design career can be daunting, especially when you’re a first-time designer.The pressure to produce high-quality work can be intense, and the pressure to be the best at what you do can be even greater. But in this article, I’ll share some tips to help you succeed in

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Why you need ivy in your home

ivy is one of the most widely used building materials worldwide, but it’s hard to find affordable options for home decor and interior design.ivy wall coverings have become an essential part of homes and apartment designs.The most popular options are tile or wood-framed ivy, and the two types of ivy

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