Architects on display for Brooklyn’s interior design competition

Architects on show for Brooklyn ‘s interior design exhibition include local artists, an award-winning architecture firm and some of the city’s most renowned architecture firms.RTE’s Paul Murphy and the Real Estate Weekly have exclusive access to the show, which will take place from January 22-27 at the Bishopsgate Art Gallery.

The exhibition will feature local designers and architects, as well as some of their international counterparts.

Among the most notable local architects on display are local architecture firm Pinnacle and local architectural firm Guggenheim, who both work in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope.

Pinnacle’s John Foyt was selected to be one of the show’s main architects.

The exhibition will include works by local artists such as Bextea Foyer, Tami M. Anderson, M.E. Foyers, G.J. Jones, Tia O. Williams, J.P. Hirsch and others.

Another local artist is Art of a Modern City, whose members include Sarah A. Stacey and Andrew P. O’Malley.

The group’s current show, “The Story of the Future,” is in its sixth year and will continue into its eighth year.

The show will feature pieces from local artists including Art of the City of New York, The Art of St. Vincent, The Arts & Crafts and many others.

“This is a very important and exciting opportunity for Brooklyn to showcase its finest, most influential and exciting architecture to the world,” said Robert Daley, executive director of the Brooklyn Arts Commission.

“This exhibition will showcase the rich and innovative talent of Brooklyn as well the breadth and diversity of the region.”

The exhibition’s featured designers include:Eileen G. Schulze, who has designed for several of the world’s top architecture firms, including New York-based McKim, Mead and Company; Los Angeles-based Architecture by Design; and London-based L’Oréal.

Gugginheim’s Alexander Kuznitsky is on display as well.

Guggenheimer was selected from the top 10 local architects in the country in 2009 and 2010 to participate in the prestigious International Architecture Biennial.

In 2015, the firm won the prestigious Architecture by the Sea Prize for its work in New York City.

In 2016, it was awarded the Grand Prix du Louvre, France’s highest honor for architecture.

The artists featured in the exhibition include:Kirill Kuznarovsky, who is based in Moscow and has worked with Pinnacle on numerous projects, including the Brooklyn Design Award-winning Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Brooklyn, the Art Institute of Chicago, the New Museum in New Orleans and the New York Institute of Technology, among others.

Kuznik is also the principal designer of the New International Design Center at the University of Michigan.

Goggin’s latest work, a large-scale reconstruction of a subway station, was recently featured in The Art News.

Kuznik, who lives in Moscow, has been recognized by the Russian Government for his innovative and forward-thinking approach to design.

He has designed and built the International Space Station for the International Federation of Engineering and Design (IFED) and is currently working on a design for a new metro station in Los Angeles.

His other projects include the Grand National Pavilion in the Olympic Park in Paris, the Southside Plaza in Miami and the Northside Plaza at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

He is the designer of several major exhibitions in Europe and the United States, including a large retrospective of the work of Russian artist Boris Berezovsky in London.