Bohemian Interior Design Schools in the Philippines

A collection of interior design schools in the Philippine capital Manila.

[Image via Flickr user calebpfk]Originally posted April 25, 2018 11:16:37In a city like Manila, you would never think of putting together an interior design class, but a lot of Filipinos seem to enjoy the challenge of finding an appropriate design class for them, especially in an era of urbanisation.

It is often thought of as a form of leisure and the Philippines is one of the most urbanised countries in the world, yet it’s still not uncommon to find a new design school open on any Friday.

While there are many more design schools across the Philippines, we decided to highlight the best of the best, because they’re so much more than just some random schools in a building.

We have included a list of the 20 best interior design programs in the country, and a brief overview of what we found in each of them.

If you have any recommendations for the next time you’re in the city, be sure to let us know in the comments below.1.

Manila Design School – 6.7km from Metro Manila (Metro Manila) [Image by Tanya Luyde]2.

Manila School of Interior Design – 4.5km from the Metro Manila Metro (Metro Moro) [Images via Facebook and Instagram]3.

Manila College of Interior and Architecture – 3.8km from Manila Metro [Image courtesy of Tanya Liu]4.

Manila University of Design – 3km from Moro City Metro [Images by Zephyr Lee]5.

Manila Center for Design Education – 3 km from Morro Bay Metro [Photos by Zeta, Zephier Lee, and C.J. Tiwary]6.

Manila Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning – 3-4km from Cebu Metro [Photo via Tanya Luong]7.

Manila State University of Art – 2.7-3.9km from Camp Crame Metro (Camp Crame) [Photos via Tiana Liu and Zephry Lee]8.

Manila Modern Architects – 2-3km from Paseo de la Independencia Metro (Paseo Independente) [Photo by Zeba Diaz]9.

Manila Architecture & Design College – 2 km from Pampanga Metro [Gallery via Flickr]10.

Manila Arts College – 1-2km from Marina Metro [images via Flickr, Instagram, and Tanya Lopez]11.

Manila Culinary Academy – 1.7 km from Maracana Metro [image via Flickr and Zebah Diaz]12.

Manila Art Gallery – 1km from Bilibid Metro [Featured image via Flickr: Tanya Lambe]13.

Manila City University of Arts and Design – 1 km from Camp Cibil Metro [photo by Taya Loa]14.

Manila Academy of Art & Design – 2km from Tampines Metro [1.3km by Toya Dios and 1.6km by Zara Todas]15.

Manila Creative Architecture School – 1,000km from Parañaque Metro [3.6 km by Zemina, 2.4 km by Tonda, and 1 km by Gabi Dias]16.

Manila Contemporary Architecture & Media School – 2,000 km from Cibils Metro [7.2km by Gabis, 6.9 km by Cesar, and 2.5 km by Alesandra]17.

Manila Urban Design School of Architecture – 1 and 2km of Metro Manila [3km each by Gaba Diaz and Zeta]18.

Manila National College of Art and Design: Design & Architecture – 4-5km of metro Manila [1,000-2,000kph]19.

Manila New Urban Design College (NMUC) – 1 (5-7km) of Metro Philippines [1-2.5kph each by Zema, Zeta and Tia]20.

Manila Metro Design School (MCDS) – 4,000 – 6,000 kph of metro Metro [2,600-3,600kph in each direction]1.

Manguinela, Tampinilla, Tambodang, Tocobamba – 3,300km2.

Maracil, Camp Cramp – 3 and 4km3.

Cebuan, Cibangga, Calabar, Cotabato, Calaya, Camarines Norte, Cagayan – 1kph4.

Camarones Norte – 1 to 2kph5.

Cagay, Caguas Norte/Cagayan, Camay, Camarin, Catu, Cancun, Colima – 2k, 4k, and 6kph6.

Cancuan, Calawang, Calapascua, Cebun, Cal