Design studio designs luxury home in Indore

A Mumbai-based designer’s new design studio is working on a luxury home for an Indian city.

The project was launched by the Mumbai-born designer Shree Rajiv.

The home is a one-bedroom residence in a luxury residential neighbourhood in the city.

“It is a luxury residence.

It has four bedrooms and a full bathroom,” said Shree.

“This is the first home that I have designed in Mumbai,” he added.

The home has four living rooms, including a bedroom and a bathroom, a walk-in closet and an extension for a kitchen.

The design studio was founded in May last year, when Shree had already started a career as a designer in Mumbai.

The design studio has been collaborating with several architects and designers, who have given the project a professional grade.

Shree is a certified design student.

“I am very interested in the design of luxury homes.

I was working in Mumbai as a graphic designer and was given the chance to do a design project in Mumbai after graduation,” he said.

Shrees wife has a masters degree in architecture and urban planning and has also worked as a project manager.

“My wife is the architect who is working in the home.

She is the one who came up with the idea,” he explained.

The family has built two luxury homes in Mumbai, one in Pune and one in Kolkata, which have attracted international attention.

“I am not looking for a lot of attention, but it has come to our attention that the designers who are coming to Mumbai are not looking to sell their work.

It is a very small niche,” he told The Times of India.

The studio is also working on other luxury residences in the country.

“Our clients have come to us because of our designs,” said Kaur.