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Home Designer Is Getting the Home Decoration Right

Designers are using different techniques to make the homes they design look like they are on the go.The trend for this trend is called interior design.Interior Design TipsHome decor is the biggest area of our lives.It’s also one of the most overlooked, according to the National Home Design Institute.If you’re

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How to create the perfect kitchen interior

Interior design basics | Design basics: How to choose the right materials for a home, how to set up your space, and what materials are the most suitable for your space.Read More with the Kitchen Designers of the Year Awards 2017, which will be announced on Monday.

‘Catch a glimpse of a beautiful place’: Inside the interior design institute of the Japanese Embassy

A small building tucked inside a quiet, leafy alleyway of a central Tokyo neighborhood has been dubbed the “Catch A Visitor” of the country’s diplomatic mission in the United States.The building, named after the first Japanese visitor to the US, is located inside the Japanese embassy in Washington D.C. The

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£1bn: The most expensive home ever built in Scotland

A luxury home in Scotland has been purchased by a Chinese businessman for £1 billion.The £1.1 billion house in Perthshire, which is designed by architect Gao Huanghua, is the most expensive ever built.Gao’s house is the largest of its kind in the world.It has a total floor area of 1,500

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How to find the best postmodern furniture store in Washington

A postmodern store may not have the best furniture, but it might be the best place to browse vintage furniture, the best of which can’t be found in a traditional mall or department store.Here are our top 10 postmodern stores in Washington, DC.A postmodern house and garden at St. George’s

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Which is the best interior design studio in the world?

The interior design industry is a huge market, and it’s not just for designers.In fact, it’s almost a billion-dollar industry in its own right.It’s a market where you can go to see a lot of different kinds of interior designs.And that’s where we get into the question of the best

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