How the Eagles plan to keep quarterback Josh Norman, with a ‘surprise’ move

By Nick Wagoner | Sports Illustrated Staff WriterThe Eagles have been linked to a slew of quarterbacks this offseason, and while all of them have their strengths and weaknesses, the organization is hoping to add some depth to their ranks by making a big move.

Head coach Chip Kelly has made it clear that he likes to experiment with different quarterbacks during the preseason.

With that in mind, the Eagles have reportedly begun to make changes to the way they evaluate quarterbacks.

Kelly has been a proponent of using a number of different evaluations to get a better idea of how each player will play, and according to Chris Mortensen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, that is something the Eagles are now experimenting with.

According to Mortensen, the team is looking to add at least two quarterbacks who are not yet on the roster: safety Marcus Williams and quarterback Josh McCown.

McCown is expected to be on the Eagles roster in the first week of training camp, and it is likely that Williams will be.

But it seems as if the team has already settled on a starter for Williams, with the expectation that the veteran will get the nod.

The Eagles are reportedly also interested in adding another quarterback to the mix, which is where things get interesting.

It is unclear if the Eagles will be able to secure the services of a backup quarterback to replace McCown, and they might not even be able find a viable option at this point.

The team could opt to sign another veteran to replace Williams, and that is where the uncertainty starts to creep in.

That means that they could be looking to make a big splash by signing one of the top quarterbacks in the game, and there is a good chance that the Eagles would like to do so.

But as the league continues to look for talent, teams are finding it increasingly difficult to find those kinds of options, and in a league where teams are looking to trade players to improve their rosters, there is no shortage of money available to make that happen.

The Eagles might be able make some money on Williams, but that will depend on how the rest of the quarterback market pans out.

As we discussed on the “Around The League Podcast” on Tuesday, the NFL Draft is just two weeks away.

That could give teams plenty of time to make big moves before the first day of the draft, but there is little reason to believe that the team will not be in the market for another quarterback, as long as they have some other options on the market.

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