How to design your home to be more eco-friendly

Designers around the world are working on new ways to make the interior of homes more eco friendly, and the Danish interior design studio, H&M, has some advice for people who want to take the wraps off of their home.

The Danish company, whose home designs include the famous ‘Greenhouse’ in Sydney, has teamed up with the global furniture company, Ikea, to create a ‘Green house’ concept, which it says is an eco-conscious alternative to the traditional green houses that often make their way into our homes.

“We have made it easy for the consumer to design the perfect house with a simple and elegant design, which also has the potential to provide green energy,” H&m said in a statement.

In addition to the Green house, H &m has also created a number of other eco-friendliness products that feature eco-tinted windows, and green doors.

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