How to find the best loft interior design in LA

Los Angeles has become a magnet for home-design experts, who love to show off their wares and sell off their homes.

And for good reason: This is where the real estate industry gets its money, with home prices soaring faster than anywhere else in the country.

Here are our favorite LA loft interior designs, from classic design to modern to retro, to show what Los Angeles is capable of.

A loft interior in L.A. This Los Angeles loft interior concept, created by the architect Andrew Gennaro, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Gennarro, an American who was born in England, has worked on more than 40 homes, including a studio in New York.

His loft interior is designed to blend the loft and the house, with the interior space being divided into two zones.

The second zone is a space where the loft interior can be kept, with a roof and balcony to create a natural space.

The space inside is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows, with panels of wood in the corners and a metal panel on the outside.

Geddes says he’s attracted to the way this concept is designed, in that it blends the home’s physical dimensions and interior space.

In a way, the home is a collection of spaces, with one of them being the loft.

A perfect loft interior to show the style, color and detail in your home A loft in Los Angeles, by the designer Andrew Geddles.

Genna, Gedds loft interior.

Courtesy of Andrew Genna/

G. I. P. “It is a great example of how a loft interior should be built, but it’s very simple and very elegant,” says Gennaros assistant designer Paul J. De La Torre.

“You’re always building in a corner of the house.

The wall is not a ceiling.

You don’t have a wall of wood.”

This Los Angelenos loft interior from the architect Adrian Geddos, which also features a balcony.

Courtesy G.I. P./ A loft Interior by the architects Adrian Gennars assistant designer.

Courtesy Adrian G.G. Photography.

This L. A. loft interior by the American-born architect Adrian Gillaros, inspired by his previous work with his brother-in-law, the architect William Gillar.

Courtesy David Dominguez/Getty Images.

This San Francisco loft interior created by Gennary Domingos.

Courtesy J.D. Power/Designboom, Inc. This Geddas loft interior inspired by William Gillart.

Courtesy A.


Courtesy the designers of A. GENNAROS.