How to find the best postmodern furniture store in Washington

A postmodern store may not have the best furniture, but it might be the best place to browse vintage furniture, the best of which can’t be found in a traditional mall or department store.

Here are our top 10 postmodern stores in Washington, DC.

A postmodern house and garden at St. George’s Church, which is the oldest church in Washington.

(Andrew Harrer/For The Washington Times)A post-apocalyptic scene in a 1920s-era building at the St. John Church, a historic neighborhood church in the Northwest Washington neighborhood of Mount Vernon.

(Mark Schierbecker/For the Washington Times: Andrew Harrer)A 1960s-style interior at the Davenport Post Office, one of Washington’s oldest postmodern office buildings.

(Mike Bowers/For Washington Times Archives: Andrew Harris)A 1970s-type postmodern home at the Church of the Assumption in Dupont Circle, a neighborhood with an eclectic mix of historic buildings.

It was originally built as a post-WWII boarding house.

(John Sommers II/For CBS News: Jason Reed)A pre-1950s interior at St George’s Parish Church, where the church is located.

(Mikko Töllqvist/For NBC News: Robert Kuttner)A 1950s-like house at the Capitol Monument in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of South Capitol Hill.

It is the only Capitol Monument that is designed to house the Capitol Visitors Center.

(Dale Briscoe/For AP: Brian Witte)A 1920s interior of the Dixie Hotel in Dupre Circle.

(Samantha Schmidt/For USA Today: Justin Sullivan)A 1940s-esque interior at Mount Vernon High School, one-of-a-kind building in the Washington suburb of Georgetown.

(Doug Mills/For ABC News: Jodie Foster)A 1930s-themed, 1950s interior and dining room at the Mount Vernon Hotel, in Georgetown.

The dining room has been remodeled for the summer.

(Bryan Woolsey/For CNN: Andrew Cohen)A retro-styled, 1950-like, pre-1940 interior at Dupont Place in the Dupont, a downtown neighborhood, in the District.

(Cody Duty/For Reuters: Jason Reifman)A mid-century modern house and kitchen at St Andrews Church, the oldest Church in Washington and the oldest parish church in D.C. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)A 1949-style kitchen and dining area at the Washington D.N.C., one of the largest religious congregations in the country.

(David Goldman/AP: Jeff Roberson)A circa-1948-style, mid-20th-century, post-postmodern, prewar interior at a postmodern, postmodern-era church in Dupicut Circle, which was originally designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

(Michael Reynolds/For ESPN: Josh Lewenberg)A 1959-style postmodern kitchen and living room at Mount Saint Joseph Church, one to four miles from the Capitol.

(Courtesy of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church)A 1964-style dining room and dining table at the Dupre Church, located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Georgetown, in Washington’s District.

It houses a large library.

(Steve Helber/For UPI News Service: Mike Stobe)A 1969-style pre-1960s kitchen at the Arlington County Museum of Art in the Arlington neighborhood of Washington.

It has a large collection of Wright’s designs.

(Tom Rinaldi/For NPR: John Heilemann)A 1962-style house and dining space at the Fairfax County Fairgrounds, in Fairfax, Virginia.

(Jeff Chiu/For Smithsonian Magazine: Paul K. Lee)A 1963-style outdoor dining room in the Old Capitol Park, where Congress meets at the annual ceremony of the National Museum of the American Indian.

(Bill Clark/The Washington Post: Mark Wilson)A 1958-style home in Georgetown, one mile from the Old Post Office in Georgetown that houses the National Archives.

(Ricardo Arduengo/Getty Images for Smithsonian Institution: Joe Raedle)A 1961-style residence at the Old Washington Hotel, located near the National Mall.

It’s a charming, 1950’s-inspired home.

(Jim Mone/For National Parks Service: Scott Griesemer)A 1965-style cottage at Mount Sterling, a beautiful historic hillside farmhouse, near the Capitol in the Northeast Washington neighborhood.

It serves as the official residence of the Mount Sterling Trust, which manages Mount Sterling’s vast collection of rare manuscripts, manuscripts of rare books and manuscripts of early American paintings.

(Tara Weiss/For WBUR: Steve Griese)A 1957-style mansion in Dupond Circle, one block from the Washington Monument.

(Gerald Herbert/For Associated