How to get a job in the interior design industry

The interior design internship program at McKinsey & Co. isn’t just for designers.

In addition to working in the office, interns can find work in restaurants, hotels, retail, and other areas that are expected to grow in the coming years.

In a new job posting on LinkedIn, McKinsey said its new internship program aims to bring “a new class of career-long professionals to McKinsey’s leadership team and to the industry.”

McKinsey has been touting its internship program since its inception back in 2016.

In its job posting, the company describes it as “a unique internship program for highly sought-after career professionals,” noting that it has about 500 internships each year for about 2,000 people.

McKinsey and its sister firm, PwC, launched the program in late 2018, and it’s still open.

McKinsells internship program, McKinley, LinkedIn, and Pwc’s internship program.

In the post, McKinsell said it’s hiring for an “internship and support position in a McKinsey, PWC or other firm’s company to help them with product development, design, and/or production.”

In an interview with Mashable, McKinson said the program “helps our internships grow.”

“It helps us build the skills we need to grow our workforce and help us meet our company’s needs as it transitions into an industry,” McKinsey CEO Ed Clark told Mashable.

“And it also helps us attract top talent from around the world.”

In a statement, McKinsel said its program aims “to grow our portfolio of high-quality, highly-skilled employees through internships and support opportunities for McKinsey clients.”

The company added that it’s looking for “highly-qualified, diverse and innovative individuals to join our team.”

The McKinsey internship program has been praised by some industry analysts and employees.

In an analysis of the program by the consulting firm HRWeekly, the program is praised for its focus on diversity and inclusion.

“As a McKinseys intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned designers and engineers and build a relationship with our industry leaders and industry professionals, which will help us shape McKinsey products in ways that will help the company grow and prosper,” the McKinsey statement read.

The McKinsell program has also garnered praise from members of the design community.

“It is a great way to learn more about the ins and outs of designing, and I think the benefits outweigh the downsides,” said designer and designer advocate Michelle Caulfield.

“There’s no doubt that this program is a wonderful experience for the designer and is a way to get hands-on experience in design and create a lasting legacy in their profession.”