How to identify the best interior design names in Australia has created a list of the top interior design companies and designers that are known to be based in Australia.

The list is based on what we have seen in the media.

This article will feature a list from the past four years of the leading interior design firms and designers from Australia.

A list of Australia’s top interior designers, by company name, 2017-2018.1.

Vashi Dallal (Vashi Design)Vashi Dassal is a leading Australian interior designer and design director.

Dallala is responsible for the design of many of Australia ‘s leading interior brands, including the Ritz Carlton, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Perth Zoo, the Royal Botanic Gardens and many more.

He is also a member of the board of directors of the Australian Institute of Design.2.

Ben Jaffe (Ben Jaffe)Ben Jaffa is the director of the Design Institute of the Royal Institute of Australia.

He has worked with many major companies in Australia including Ritz, Dallali, Marques de Couture, Dyson, Rochas, Diller Scofidio and more.

He is also the architect of the Rocha Building, a project which was designed by Australian architect and designer James Loy.3.

Michael Diller (Lambert & De Meuron)Michael Diller is a design director at Lambert & De Mer, which is a partner in the Australian design firm, De Meuron.

He also designs the Melbourne Museum’s Museum of Contemporary Art.4.

Mark Toner (Lampre)Mark Toner is a designer at Lampre, a Paris-based international design agency, responsible for a range of projects including the Melbourne Opera House, the London Eye and the British Museum.5.

Pauline Marques (Cristóbal Rochal)Cristobal Rochals design studio has been in the business of designing homes since 1982.

He was the architect and chief creative officer of the Paris Opera House and the London Opera House.6.

Daniele Riva (Carmine Tormo)Carmines most recent project was the modernist apartment building, The Tormos, designed by C.R. Riva.

The building was completed in 2017 and opened to the public in 2019.7.

Matthew Atherton (The Torms)Matthew Athertons previous design was the new residential buildings, The House, which opened in 2017.8.

Nick Cairns (The House)Nick Cairks most recent design was Architects in Motion.

He designed the apartment building The House in 2019 and opened it to the world in 2020.9.

Adrian Gough (The Pines)Adrian Gough is a British architect and architect-in-residence.

He recently completed a series of residential buildings for the Sydney Opera House that he says are ‘designed to celebrate Sydney and Australian heritage’.10.

Nick Bauchner (The Place)Nick Bauches most recent designs were the modern apartments, The Place and the multi-storey apartment building at The Pines, which he designed in 2019 as part of a collaborative project with architect, architect-and-designer, Michael Bauchi.