How to turn your house into a Mexican interior design project

Mexican interior designer Javi García has created an impressive house for the home he’s recently opened in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico.

He’s also built it from scratch.

The home has a lot of features that aren’t typically found in the U.S., but that make it an incredibly unique interior design concept.

The interior of the house, located in the northern Mexican state of Guerrero, has a number of unique touches.

For starters, there’s a large, flat stone wall that connects two bedrooms and a small bathroom.

The house has two floors, one of which is dedicated to the living space.

The second floor has two separate bedrooms, with a separate living area in between.

It also has a private bath.

In the middle of the living area is a large fireplace.

There are also a number, but not all, of the walls in the house have been built from reclaimed materials.

The only part of the home that hasn’t been reclaimed is the kitchen, where you’ll find a ceramic dish that was created by the family from reclaimed wood from the garden.

García also made sure that the house has a great view of the surrounding area, which will be a very valuable feature in his project.

The kitchen features a large counter, a dining table, and a large sink.

The kitchen is also home to a large storage area, with several shelves and a stack of cooking utensils in the back.

There’s also a storage area in the middle, with another stack of dishes and a couple of storage shelves that serve as a counter.

The main living area, located between the dining and storage areas, is the most unique feature of the interior.

It features a massive fireplace that’s built from recycled wood from nearby trees.

The fireplace is actually part of a roof that wraps around the house.

It’s made from a mix of reclaimed wood and recycled materials, with some of the wood recycled from a nearby quarry.

Garría also took great care to make sure that each room is visually pleasing, with multiple small windows and windows that look like they were made out of glass.

The windows, which are made from recycled paper, look like little windows that will be used in a future project.

There are also three doors, each of which have a different design.

The door with the most windows, located on the first floor, is a fireplace that looks like a chimney, while the other two doors are covered in reclaimed paper.

The one on the left, which is also a fireplace, has an arch in it.

The door on the right has a door frame with a door that has been built out of reclaimed materials and painted to look like a glass door.

The third door is decorated with reclaimed wood, but it’s made of recycled paper instead.

Gara says that the interior of his house will be unique, but that he hopes it’ll become a regular thing for people to see.

He hopes that people will think of him as a true architect.