‘I love to travel’ – Hamptons house designer’s home design

I love to live in a house and travel, and have spent the last few years working in the hospitality industry.

But I’m also a keen student of design and interior design.

The Hampton house I’m talking about is not only one of the best in the area, but it’s also a great investment.

I’ve been able to travel to several countries with my wife and children, and I’m now considering moving to Europe, so that’s the best of both worlds.

And now that I’ve started my new career as an interior designer, I’m looking forward to building a house in my new home, a spacious, high-tech home on the coast of Florida.

The place has plenty of room to play in, and the house is just about everything you could want from a home in a seaside suburb.

It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

But the design, which was inspired by the designer and owner of the luxury home on St James’s Island, is something special.

I have to say that the interior design was something of a dream come true.

I loved the space, the design and the attention to detail.

When I visited the house, I was blown away by the amount of attention to details, and how it was a reflection of the owner.

It was such a fantastic project that I was so grateful for.

Hamptons, home design: The house I was looking at in the photo, pictured in 2016.

Source: Supplied: The interior designer’s name is David Burd, and he was originally from New Zealand, but he moved to Australia and became a citizen.

He has been designing for the past 30 years, and has lived in the Bay Area for the last six.

His latest house is a masterpiece.

It is a modern, high tech home, but the main thing that sets it apart is the design of the building.

 This is the layout of the living room.

This is where the furniture is.

The kitchen, dining room, dining area, bedrooms, bathrooms and living area are all lined up.

It’s all arranged to make for a stunning and elegant design.

Hampton House is on the beach in Hamptont, a suburb of Melbourne.

This is the front of the house.

This is where a swimming pool is located.

The front of a bathroom.

Inside the house The house is surrounded by trees.

The house itself is surrounded on all sides by trees and bushes.

It all looks so perfect.

And here are the bathrooms.

A photo from 2016.

One of the bathrooms, from the outside.

Another photo from the front.

Now, the big thing to know about Hamptonic is that the house isn’t for sale yet.

The owner has a lot of design plans to get it ready, and we’re hoping to meet with him shortly.

I also have a friend who is in the business of selling homes.

I’d like to meet her and we’ll get the word out.

He’s also in the process of buying the house on St. James’s.

I’m sure he’d love to have a house like this, so it would be great if we could get a little closer to meeting.

The design team I work with at the Hamptonian is a great group of people, and it would really help if we were able to make a home together.

What’s in the project?

The first thing you need to know is that this is not just a home.

It’s a house.

It looks great in person, and there are so many wonderful touches throughout the house that will make it one of a kind.

The main attraction is the swimming pool, which has a retractable roof.

It can be opened out for the ocean, or tucked into the wall, or simply tucked away in the corner.

If you look closely, you can see the woodwork on the outside of the swimming pools ceiling.

This woodwork was a challenge for the designer to get right.

There’s a lot going on behind that woodwork that I’ll be showing you in a bit, but you can actually see that I have some woodwork to show you too.

It will look like a beautiful wooden house.

And if you look carefully at the underside of the ceiling, you’ll see a small hole that was used for a small water fountain.

The water fountain has a small fountain and it is very cute.

As the sun sets in the afternoon, the water in the fountain turns into water in your mouth.

There’s a beautiful view of the water from the pool.

In addition to the water, there’s a small patio with a beautiful terrace and a lovely view of St James’ Island.

There are many more features and details, but that’s all you need for a great look. The whole