‘It’s a beautiful house’: Tuscan interior designers are ‘a beautiful house’

The house, which was built for a man in his 70s, is currently on the market in Sicily for £5.5 million.

“This house has the elegance of a Tudor castle,” interior designer Michele Scadotto said.

It’s the most elegant staircase in the world.” “

The staircase is the most beautiful.

It’s the most elegant staircase in the world.”

She added that the staircase was made from “very simple elements, such as wood, metal and glass”.

Ms Scadotti said the design was not just about the style of the house, but also about the way it was built.

“We were talking about a lot of the history of this house, the origins of the name and the meaning of the building,” she said.

Ms Scadsotti also said that the house had a rich history and was a “true work of art”.

The architect said the “greatest compliment” she had received was from a woman who visited the house while working on the site.

She also said she would have liked to have seen a full house but “it was a wonderful project”.

Ms Schadotti, who is a native of Naples, Italy, is a member of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts.

She has been in the interior design industry for more than 20 years and has designed a number of luxury properties.