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The Italian fashion house L’Affair retro is doing what it says it will: rethinking the retro interior.

The Italian brand’s latest collection is called L’Abate and it features a variety of retro touches: a vintage-inspired palette with an old-school feel; a bold design for the front door and a bold graphic on the front of the luggage.

The collection was launched at the London Fashion Week and the company says the design will be a big hit in the UK.

L’Affaire is also working on a new range for women.

The new collection is set to be unveiled in May and will feature an all-new, bold and feminine aesthetic.

L’Etoile is collaborating with designer L’Orléans to produce the collection.

Ladies, this is the first time that we are introducing a new product.

We are working on new pieces in collaboration with L’Occitane.

A bold and modern approach.

A retro feel and we think it will be an excellent product for women to wear.

L”Orléan said in a statement.

The brand said the new collection will be launched in Italy later this year.