Myxican Interior Design to Design a Chicago Style Loft in Chicago

A new Chicago style interior design project by Chicago interior designers MeyChica and Mestre will design a luxury home in the city.

The design for the house, titled La Chavita, will be an urban design concept, utilizing the neighborhood and the city to create a house that is at once cozy and luxurious.

The designers hope to make the home a favorite spot for residents and guests alike.

The project is a collaboration between Mey and Mesta, two of Chicago’s most prominent designers.

“I feel like this is a place where we can create an expression of the Chicago city that is not just a house in the middle of a neighborhood,” Mey said.

The home will feature the same design language and materials used in many other projects in Chicago.

The exterior will be built in a natural wood frame, while the interior will be a combination of materials.

“We wanted to build this house so that we could really show that there’s an urban and a suburban vibe to this house,” Meyers said.

“It was a challenge, and we found that it really fits that style of house perfectly.”

The design of the house will be based on the neighborhood, which will be influenced by the city’s current architecture.

Meychica and Meyma were inspired to build the home after living in Los Angeles for a year and a half, and having the opportunity to design an urban house in Chicago was a chance to reflect on the city and to make it a place that was as unique and welcoming as the city itself.

The two designers are excited to share the project with Chicagoans.

“Chicago is so much like us,” Meyer said.

She added, “The city is a very beautiful place to live, and the people who live here are so great.

So it was really exciting to be able to be a part of a project like this and share this project with the city.”

The house is slated to be completed in 2019.