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Bohemian Interior Design Schools in the Philippines

A collection of interior design schools in the Philippine capital Manila.[Image via Flickr user calebpfk]Originally posted April 25, 2018 11:16:37In a city like Manila, you would never think of putting together an interior design class, but a lot of Filipinos seem to enjoy the challenge of finding an appropriate design

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Why the car looks like a hippie interior design

A lot of people think of hippies as hippies living in hippies.Well, there’s another way to say it: It’s not just about hippies in the city.It’s about a whole group of people who live in the suburbs, who live on the fringes, who do not have the same freedoms or

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Which is the best interior design studio in the world?

The interior design industry is a huge market, and it’s not just for designers.In fact, it’s almost a billion-dollar industry in its own right.It’s a market where you can go to see a lot of different kinds of interior designs.And that’s where we get into the question of the best

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