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How to get a new dress in Austin

A new dress for your bedroom?A new home decor?A wedding dress?The selection at Austin’s eclectic interior designers is limitless, but there’s one thing that’s a bit off the beaten track: a closet.Austin has one of the most diverse collections of closet accessories and home décor, but most people aren’t familiar

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Which is better for the interior designer?

The interior design industry is growing at a fast pace, but it still needs to get its priorities right.That means taking into account the different needs of different industries, said David K. Shih, the executive vice president and director of interior design at IKEA.The first priority for interior designers is

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How to become a designer and how to make a name for yourself

The search for a design career can be daunting, especially when you’re a first-time designer.The pressure to produce high-quality work can be intense, and the pressure to be the best at what you do can be even greater. But in this article, I’ll share some tips to help you succeed in

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