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How to design an elegant, modern and modern style home in 60s style

By now, you’ve probably heard of the 60s design trend of the “modern style”.And while there are a lot of interesting concepts that went into this, the basic principles of the movement are the same as it was in the 60’s: design, design, more design, and more design.But in the

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Which countries are the most beautiful?

In the first half of this year, France overtook Germany as the most popular country for home designers, according to a survey conducted by the French-based agency Alixa.France was followed by the UK, Germany and Italy.It is a sign of how far the French have come in terms of style

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When is the right time to remodel a cottage?

When the sun rises and the weather turns cool, it’s time to take your home design cues from nature.That’s when a cottage becomes a perfect place to transform the old into the new.You’ll want to look at the cottage’s interior as a canvas for your new designs.For example, consider a

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