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How to Make a Room that Looks Like a Virtual Room

Now Playing: New ‘Halloween’ Halloween Costume Looks Amazing at Night Now Playing.Now Playing ‘The Martian’ Star Alex Kurtzman Reveals How He Got the ‘Star Wars’ Visual Effects Job Now Playing.’Now Playing: ‘Frozen’ Star Kristin Scott Thomas on Why She Loves Anna Faris Now Playing, ‘The Real Housewives of New York

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How to design your next home interior

InsideDesign’s Interior Design Portland article In the last two decades, the industry has developed a massive amount of knowledge and understanding of how interior design works.It is not an easy thing to teach, but it can be done.So we’ll be taking a look at how interior designers learn to create

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The design shop has a ‘new style’

News.co.nz – A new style for the design shop in Port Adelaide has arrived.The design shop inside the Port Adelaide Mall has been renamed The Design Shop and it has its own unique and stylish decor.A new look is on offer for the shop with a new design, the name

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