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Which is better for the interior designer?

The interior design industry is growing at a fast pace, but it still needs to get its priorities right.That means taking into account the different needs of different industries, said David K. Shih, the executive vice president and director of interior design at IKEA.The first priority for interior designers is

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I designed a beautiful apartment in one day: How it turned out

Designing an apartment can be a challenge.While the concept is simple, a simple solution can be hard to achieve, especially when it involves building a large space and using a lot of materials.But that’s exactly what I did.I designed an apartment in a matter of days and used just a

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Why do we need retro interior designs?

It’s not just the retro design of our homes.We also need retro design guidelines for the future.But in a recent issue of Architectural Digest, John Maclean discusses what retro interior designers need to know about retro interior concepts.The issue of retro interior aesthetics focuses on the design of retro-style living

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