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How to make an interior lighting system with the right look

Amber interior design, interior lighting and lighting accessories are the latest gadgets to make their way into the home, but some manufacturers are going even further.CBC News’ team of experts has compiled a list of the top interior lighting products to get your house looking its best in 2018.Read more

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Which is better for interior lighting: interior lighting certification or interior design?

Interior lighting certification is a process that certifies a home’s lighting that is compatible with the standards of the Interior Lighting Association.In addition to meeting a certain standard, the interior lighting must meet certain standards of aesthetics and functionality.It’s important to note that not all standards are created equal.Some standards

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How to choose the best interior lighting for your home

How to Choose the Best Interior Lighting for Your Home: How to Get the Best Lighting for your Home.Interior Lighting Designer: Interior Lighting Designers are professionals who specialize in the design and installation of lighting, whether it’s lighting fixtures, decorative fixtures, or custom lighting.This can range from custom installation of

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