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How to design an elegant, modern and modern style home in 60s style

By now, you’ve probably heard of the 60s design trend of the “modern style”.And while there are a lot of interesting concepts that went into this, the basic principles of the movement are the same as it was in the 60’s: design, design, more design, and more design.But in the

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How to create the perfect kitchen interior

Interior design basics | Design basics: How to choose the right materials for a home, how to set up your space, and what materials are the most suitable for your space.Read More with the Kitchen Designers of the Year Awards 2017, which will be announced on Monday.

The best new home design for Houston is this one, says HVAC expert

The best-kept secret in the world of interior design is this house in Houston.The design has been called “a house of the future” by DesignWeek Houston and is a work of genius by architect Daniel Bierut.Its interior design uses reclaimed wood, reclaimed water and reclaimed soil to create a house

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