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How to find a great interior design job in the United States

The number of job openings for interior design is skyrocketing, and companies are hiring.But how can you get a good job in a country where it’s not always easy to find work?The answer is a little less clear than it might sound, according to a new report from the consulting

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How to get started with interior design in India

How to start a business in India?You can start by learning how to design a home, say, by doing some research.But you can also learn how to do interior design from your own personal experience, and even if you can’t afford the design courses offered by reputable institutes in the

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What is interior design?

Seattle, WA (CNN) The city of Seattle is looking for a designer who is passionate about interior design.The job listing was posted online on Monday by a company called Interior Design.The job description describes the interior design position as one that focuses on creating beautiful, engaging, and modern spaces for

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