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This postmodern interior designer is making a difference

This post-modern interior designers is making the world a better place with his beautiful work.The inspiration comes from his experiences designing the interior of a luxury hotel in Paris.He is using contemporary materials and cutting edge techniques to make his designs more interesting and functional.The result is a postmodern, modern,

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When is a postmodern interior designer the right fit?

From the moment you walk into a new home, you are in for a treat.The decor and interior design books have been written for generations.You are in a new space, new people, new ideas.The furniture is contemporary and modern, but it’s still the same old thing. “Postmodern” is a term that

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How to find the best postmodern furniture store in Washington

A postmodern store may not have the best furniture, but it might be the best place to browse vintage furniture, the best of which can’t be found in a traditional mall or department store.Here are our top 10 postmodern stores in Washington, DC.A postmodern house and garden at St. George’s

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