The best places to get cozy in the fireplace interior of a vintage house

Fireplaces are so popular in vintage homes, many of which still have them.

In many cases, they are located in bedrooms or bathrooms, which is great if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors.

But if you live in a house where a fireplace is not a necessity, you might want to consider some interior decorating.

Some places to find vintage fireplace furniture:1.

The Art Deco Lounge2.

The Olde Towne Home3.

The Woodford’s Room4.

The Rose Garden Room5.

The Great Room6.

The Grand Ballroom7.

The Stairs at the Country Club8.

The Bathroom at the St. Pauls Hotel9.

The Guestroom10.

The Living Room11.

The Kitchen at the Hotel St.


The Salon at the Riverfront Hotel13.

The Bedroom14.

The Master Bedroom15.

The Table16.

The Garden Room17.

The Wine Cellar18.

The Hallway19.

The Lounge20.

The Carpet-Mold Room21.

The Foyer22.

The Dresser23.

The Bench24.

The Washing Machine25.

The Painted Ceiling Window26.

The Chairs27.

The Dining Room28.

The Cabinet Room29.

The Fireplace30.

The Lamps31.

The Pottery Shop32.

The Bar33.

The Barn34.

The Furniture Room35.

The Cotswolds Home36.

The Gas Station37.

The Store38.

The Bedding Room39.

The Office Room40.

The Tea Room41.

The Cookery Room42.

The Gymnasium43.

The Garage44.

The Swimming Pool45.

The Shops46.

The Gambling Room47.

The Ballroom48.

The Spa49.

The Outback50.

The Grocery Store51.

The Library52.

The Coffee Shop53.

The Movie Theater54.

The Cafeteria55.

The Bowling Alley56.

The Restaurant57.

The Music Hall58.

The Movies59.

The Pool60.

The Golf Course61.

The Campground62.

The House63.

The Beach64.

The Park65.

The Country Club66.

The Outdoor Pool67.

The Ice Cream Parlor68.

The Sandcastle69.

The Backyard70.

The BBQ Pit71.

The Lawn72.

The Sports Facility73.

The Turf Lawn74.

The Bike Lane75.

The Fitness Center76.

The Entertainment Facility77.

The Video Game Center78.

The Basketball Court79.

The Club80.

The Church Room81.

The Dance Studio82.

The Playground83.

The Tennis Court84.

The Curling Center85.

The Vibram Tennis Center86.

The Wheelhouse87.

The Rec Room88.

The Water Treatment Plant89.

The Solarium90.

The Museum90.

The Pool91.

The Gardens92.

The Greenhouse93.

The Theater94.

The Cinema95.

The Farmhouse96.

The Rodeo Hall97.

The Skateboard Pavilion98.

The Boathouse99.

The Aquarium100.

The Shed101.

The Zoo102.

The Lake03.

The River03.1.

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