The Nordic Interior Design Studio is here: The ‘most beautiful’ homes of 2019

Nordic Interior Designer Tomi Malmström has created some of the most beautiful home design around the globe, which you can see in our gallery. 

The studio’s aim is to help people design the perfect home, with a sense of space and spaceness, for themselves and their loved ones. 

 They’ve designed homes ranging from simple, contemporary, to luxurious, and have been inspired by many different cultures, both modern and traditional. 

The studio’s studio layout and design philosophy is one of simplicity and harmony, which is reflected in the design of the homes. 

For example, their house designs were inspired by Nordic architecture. 

Here’s a look at a few of their most gorgeous homes.

Nordic Interior DesignerTomi Malo-Storch and her wife have designed a home called “The Pinnacle” in Finland. 

This house has a modern design, but the living spaces are very spacious. 

From the outside, you can make out the living room, the kitchen and dining room. 

On the left, you have a spacious living room with a fireplace, a big bed and chair, and a small window. 

At the right side, you see a large living room and a huge window overlooking the pool. 

As you can imagine, the entire home is quite stunning. 

Check out the video below to see the rest of the design process.

Norman and Jodie Ostergaard have designed an “Avenger”-themed home in Denmark. 

They took inspiration from Scandinavian architecture and the Norse mythology, and used Scandinavian wood and stone to create a unique home. 

While it’s a Scandinavian style, the interior is also very modern. 

You can see the details of the exterior from the inside as well. 

It’s a gorgeous, modern house, and looks great from a distance. 

Norman Ostergard and Jody Ostergraver created the “Penguin House” in Norway. 

Their design is based on Scandinavian architecture.

The home is in a Scandinavian-style house with the kitchen set in a large, open, and open space. 

A large, windowed window overlooking a pool with a waterfall in the background. 

Jodie and Norman’s home looks amazing from afar, but it’s not the same house from the front. 

Even from the outside of the house, it’s an awesome view. 

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Tomi is the founder and CEO of Nordic Interior.