What is interior design?

Seattle, WA (CNN) The city of Seattle is looking for a designer who is passionate about interior design.

The job listing was posted online on Monday by a company called Interior Design.

The job description describes the interior design position as one that focuses on creating beautiful, engaging, and modern spaces for the public.

The company says the interior designer will be responsible for creating interior designs for Seattle businesses and the public spaces in their neighborhoods.

The company says that the company has more than 400 employees in Seattle.

The agency, which was founded by a Mexican architect in 2013, is currently seeking applicants to fill positions in the Seattle region and the U.S. for six months.

The position is based in the Puget Sound region of Washington and has been in the works since the spring.

It has been open since August.

The agency says it is seeking applicants who have a strong background in interior design and can create a cohesive, compelling design.

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