What to look for when shopping for a condo or apartment

A stylish new condo or office building may be a big step away from your typical home, but a few simple tweaks can make it look even better.

Here are 10 simple tweaks to make a sleek, modern condo or modern office look stylish and modern.1.

Get a new kitchen.

The first step to a modern condo is to buy a new dining room or living room.

You can use a large kitchen countertop or stainless steel counter, but the more modern kitchen is probably best.

Your kitchen should have a nice-sized counter and be easy to clean.2.

Buy an all-inclusive living room suite.

When buying a condo, make sure the bedroom and bathroom are located in the same suite.

If there are multiple bedrooms, make it as close to the master bedroom as possible.3.

Buy a kitchen that has a lot of counter space.

A large kitchen has a much higher countertop than a smaller kitchen.

Make sure it has a large, flat, countertop, too.4.

Install a walk-in pantry.

A kitchen pantry is a must.

When shopping for your new condo, choose a pantry that’s large enough to hold everything from the basics to more expensive items like pots and pans.5.

Add a wine cellar.

A large wine cellar is a great way to store wine.

You could put your wine in a cabinet in your living room, or store it on your balcony or patio.6.

Add an outdoor deck.

An outdoor deck is a fun addition to your new home.

It makes your living space look more active, and gives you a great view of the city and the surrounding mountains.7.

Add more furniture.

Buy a few extra chairs, a table, a sofa, a few bookshelves, and more furniture to your living area.8.

Use a countertop for more space.

The countertop in a condo needs to be larger than the kitchen counter, and it needs to sit flat against the floor and have a decent amount of space for your appliances.9.

Install an exterior staircase.

An exterior staircase adds a little more character to your apartment.

You may want to add a deck or two, and if so, make a counter for it.10.

Create a walkway between the living room and dining room.

When you’re shopping for an apartment or condo, it’s important to look at how much space is being used.

If you have a large living room with plenty of room for your furniture and appliances, then you’ll want to use more of that space.

If not, then create a walkpath or a path between the two areas.

For more details on how to customize your condo, visit our condo and condo apartments.