What we know about the interior design of new homes in the US

The latest design trends and trends are emerging and we are beginning to see the potential for the next wave of interior design and the impact of those trends on how homes are constructed.

The design landscape is constantly changing and we’re looking at a rapidly changing marketplace, with consumers increasingly demanding an interior design that is accessible to their lifestyles.

To help us navigate the new landscape, we spoke to a panel of experts from a range of sectors, including architects, interior designers, interior architects, design firms, and consultants.

Their input helped us create a list of interior designs that are in a state of flux, but are worth watching in order to stay up to date with the current trends.

We then asked the experts to recommend their favourite interior designs for each of the six key trends: green, retro, modern, modern design, and new.

This is a mix of a broad range of styles, styles that are popular in the UK, Europe, and US, plus some that we know are not so popular.

To find out what our experts think about each of these styles, read on.