When children want to design their own homes

A new study from the Centre for Design at University College London (UCL) has found that children want more flexibility when it comes to their own home designs.

The team wanted to know whether they could create designs for a childrens home, and the research team found that they could.

“Children want a range of home designs, but the way they choose their own designs is a very personal choice,” said Dr Emma Taylor, a lecturer in architecture and urban design at UCL.

“The children’s home design they create is based on their own experiences, and not based on what other people have done.”

The research team used a large survey of 2,400 children in the UK and asked them what they wanted from their own personal designs.

They found that most children wanted a house with a central room, a garden, and a pool.

The survey also asked children to list the materials they would use, and many wanted to have a “smallish space”.

This research has been published in the journal Architecture Research.