When is the right time to remodel a cottage?

When the sun rises and the weather turns cool, it’s time to take your home design cues from nature.

That’s when a cottage becomes a perfect place to transform the old into the new.

You’ll want to look at the cottage’s interior as a canvas for your new designs.

For example, consider a room in a former home where a fireplace once hung, or an outdoor porch with a porch roof.

You can see how a new cottage could look like that with a few simple changes.

Start with the floor plan.

When you’re deciding where to build a cottage, consider what the old home looked like.

Make sure to include the fireplace, porch, and kitchen.

Then, take your time to decide how you want the rooms to look.

If you’re a new homeowner, look for places that are close together.

This can help create a cozy atmosphere, but it can also lead to confusion if the rooms are very close together, and you need to find an appropriate placement.

Once you’ve chosen a few options, it is time to build.

To do this, select your desired layout, choose the materials, and start working.