When will I be able to see the ‘Cultural Exchange’?

The ‘Culture Exchange’ is a new, six-month project in the Portland Art Museum, a collaboration between Portland artist/writer Sarah Schramm and Portland resident Chris Friesen.

The project aims to help connect local artists to international artists and curators, through an exhibition, workshops, and workshops at Portland Art Gallery and the Portland Cultural Exchange.

The exhibition will be part of the museum’s upcoming Art-of-Portland collection.

Frieses is one of the artists featured in the ‘Art-of Portland’ exhibition.

Schram mused on why the project exists, and what she hopes to accomplish.

“It’s really a response to a lot of the issues that we’ve been dealing with with,” she said.

“The art world, the fashion industry, the art scene, it seems like everyone has an agenda.

And I feel like there’s a lot that needs to change and it’s been so hard to get people to listen to what’s going on.”

“It is very difficult to find people who want to get involved in a project that’s like a social movement.

The art world doesn’t want to work with people.

The fashion industry doesn’t have a place for people.

And it’s very hard to find places to be.

We’re hoping to be able, in the next six months, to get artists who are interested in doing these types of projects to be in these spaces, and have them do their work in an environment that feels like they’re part of a community, where people feel comfortable.” 

 I was kind of shocked by the idea of having people from outside of the art world.

I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is happening.’

 Friesens hopes that the exhibition will allow people to see “how artists can be involved in something that’s a really powerful statement, but also really, really interesting.” “

I’m hoping that when they’re doing these workshops that it’ll start a conversation between people in different places about what it means to be an artist, and I hope it’s a way for them to learn more about the process and what’s happening in the world, so that they can see more people like them,” he said. 

 Friesens hopes that the exhibition will allow people to see “how artists can be involved in something that’s a really powerful statement, but also really, really interesting.” 

I’ve never seen so many art students doing their own projects in the same space.

I’ve never felt like there was so much potential for this. 

I hope to see it happen as many times as possible, but I’m really excited about the possibility that it’s happening at the Portland Museum of Art, which I think has a great opportunity to do it.

Friedens and Schramms shared their personal story about working on their projects and their hope to make the art community more inclusive. 

“The idea is to have the community become more inclusive and welcoming and inclusive of everyone,” Schram said.

 I know that art and art culture is a very small slice of the culture that is actually being celebrated, but to me that’s something that I would really like to see in the art-world, I think it’s important.

I think that the more people that see and connect with something that is important, then the more the world can come together. 

And it’s really important to me, and for all the artists in this city, that we continue to be inclusive of all of the different kinds of people. 

Schramm said that the “Art-Of-Portland” project was inspired by an idea she’d had about art as a social justice project, and how Portland is a city where “everyone is really trying to be different.”

She said that while it’s difficult to see someone who has never lived in Portland and isn’t familiar with the city, the idea was that it would be helpful for the city to work more with artists from outside the city. 

The project was a collaboration of the Portland Creative Alliance, Portland Arts Alliance, and the Arts Alliance of Multnomah County, and will run through July 8, 2019. 

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Schlammer, a Portland native, said that she was inspired to take part in the project because “there’s a feeling of disconnect and a feeling that art is not really a conversation or a conversation that’s about our community.

It’s about us, and our history, and we’re not interested in that. 

As an artist who grew up