Which black designers are best for black men?

From the designers of the ’60s to the modern day, black men have been shaped by black culture, and in particular, the black men of the South.

But with the rise of the digital era, there’s now more choice than ever.

Here are the black designers who are best suited to the man who loves a designer’s design.


David Lue and Michael Giorgio (Pantheon) “We like to think of Michael as a black designer, but in truth he is really a white man who’s been influenced by designers who have come from black backgrounds.

He’s always been influenced, but I think he’s also inspired by a lot of black designers in particular.” 


Mark Auerbach (Hutchinson) “I’m from an Irish-Catholic family and I think my heritage is a bit closer to that of a black man.

I think that a lot is about that.” 


Chris Spiro (Penguin Random House) “He’s definitely a man who has been influenced a lot by designers from black cultures.

I’ve also seen his work in Paris and I’m from New York.

His work is a very visual and a very strong, contemporary work.

He was influenced by the avant-garde artists, like Claude Monet, but also by some of the more traditional black artists.

I don’t know how much of it is about the influences, but it is certainly there.” 


Robert C. Martin (Macy’s) “My mother was a nurse, so I think she was influenced a little bit by the way that the nurse looks.

I do a lot more of that now.

I like to play with that look.

I have a lot in common with my mother, which is why I really enjoy it.” 


Daniel Dae Kim (Furniture Row) “In the ’90s, I wanted to be a doctor, and I thought it would be a good thing to be able to design and be able look at the work of other doctors and get an idea of what they were thinking and feeling.

That was my first job, and now that I have it I really love it.

I love being able to see that.”


Dina Gershon (Pantsuit) “Dina is the kind of designer who wants to give his clients something that he or she has never seen before, or something that is completely new and fresh and exciting, which I think is what we are all looking for when we shop.”


John Blyth (Café du Soleil) “John is a black guy, but he also is a really, really talented designer.

I really admire his ability to be creative, and that’s something I think we’re all looking to in the fashion industry.” 


Scott Cunningham (Lace) “When I was a child, I would see a lot about what was going on in the black community and my imagination was always drawn to black women and girls.

I’m also drawn to the color palettes and the patterns.

When I started making clothes for people of color, I thought I was doing a good job, but then I realized that there was a lot that I was missing.

I thought about it and I realized there was so much more that I could do with the materials that I had.”


Paul McCartney (B&C) “Paul is a white guy who has always been inspired by the work that black people have done, and particularly by artists like Claude Chabrol.

He likes to be influenced by things like fashion, music, design and photography.

It’s really a collaboration, and it’s a lot fun to have.” 


Robert Parker (A&amp!

Music) “This is the first time I have ever designed a garment for an African-American woman.

I had a conversation with her about how I felt about her, and she said, ‘I love it!

I love it!’

And I said, yeah, it’s great.

I was able to be inspired by something that was really different from what I was used to, and this is a way to do that.”


Margo Martindale (Puma) “Margo Martintas work is inspired by her mother.

She was raised in a very traditional way.

Her mother was never in the family, and we were always learning together.

She also has a very beautiful, unique sense of femininity.” 


Masha Levine (Vogue) “She is a real artist.

She is a good example of someone who has the ability to do something that she feels has been overlooked, or has not been thought of.

She’s not a designer, or a photographer, or anything like that.

She has an incredible talent.

She wants to be in the world, and when she’s on the street, people are just seeing her.

I feel like she has the