Which Interior Design Internships Are Right for You?

Interior Design internships are a great way to learn more about interior design and work with your chosen profession.

With over 2,600 internships in the U.S., these are the best internship opportunities in Houston.

In addition to internships available online, internships also exist at several universities, including the University of Houston.

To find the best internships to suit your interests, check out our infographic.

Interior Design Students Internships in Houston A few of our favorite internships offer students a chance to work in interior design, including an in-person internship and a virtual studio internship.

Our Houston internship internships list covers several types of opportunities, ranging from teaching and consulting, to design and architecture, to film production.

To start a new career in interior designing, we suggest applying to our Houston internship program.

Houston Internships In-Person Interior Design In-person internships provide a great chance to get your work out there, and gain experience and feedback from professionals.

Most of these internships can be done on-site, so there’s a greater chance of learning from professionals in your field.

Here are some of the best in-classroom internships for Houston students.

A Design for a Cause Internship The design for a cause is a great opportunity to connect with people in the design community and learn about their career path.

In many cases, the design for the cause is based on a real-world project that you and your peers have worked on.

Here’s how to get started with a design for your cause: Sign up for an online design course from Design Matters.

Learn more about design in the city of Houston and explore more of our design-focused content.

Attend a Design For A Cause Workshop.

You can also choose to attend an on-the-job design workshop.

These are often held at local community colleges, but some of our most popular design events take place at Houston museums.

Learn about our design programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston Museum of Art, and the Houston Contemporary Arts Center.

In-Studio Design Work If you have a knack for building cool projects, an in in-studio internship could be a great place to learn and hone your skills.

We know that many of our Houston students are passionate about design, and they’ll often want to work with professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

In our guide to in-depth design internship opportunities, we recommend internships that can provide valuable career-building experiences.

Our guide includes some of Houston’s best internship options.

Architecture and Planning Internships for the Real World You can learn a lot from working with an architect or planner on a project.

This internship will help you learn from an architect about your particular profession and how they can help you to succeed in your chosen career path, including your career in architecture or planning.

To get started, take the Design for A Cause course from designmatters.com and attend an in house Design for Architecture workshop.

After the workshop, you’ll get to choose your work and start working.

Learn how to design a custom home and get started today.

Architectural and Planning internships often involve a few months of in-house experience with architects, and can include projects ranging from building a home to designing the design.

To learn more, check our guide for more information on internships at the Houston Museum, Houston Contemporary Art Center, and Houston Museum.

Interior Designer Internships to Explore Houston In addition, there are some internships we’ve curated to help you explore our city and learn more.

To apply to our internship program, take our online application or submit an online application.

The Houston internships infographic lists the top interior design internjobs in Houston and highlights the best of Houston internship offers.

Interior Decorating Internships We offer several different interior decorating internships online.

These include decorating spaces, interior design studios, and design school studios.

To begin your career as an interior decorator, find out more about the different types of internships offered at the design studios in Houston, including decorating school studios and studios for designers.

Design Schools In-House Design Schools can also be a valuable internship for aspiring designers.

Learn from experts in your area of interest.

Design schools can include a wide variety of studios and projects, and each can be different than the next.

You’ll also get a chance learn about the work that goes into creating the designs you create.

Here is a list of some of some Houston design schools you can look into.

The Design for the City We have a number of design studios available online for in-home designers and designers in Houston to work on their projects.

We’ve put together an online list of the top design schools for Houston, with details on the hours and schedules.

To discover more design schools in Houston that you can visit, check this website.

To see a list if the best Houston design studios are available for you, check the list of Houston design studio