Why is the BMW M3 so great?

The M3 is the most affordable BMW car of the moment, and its performance, style and technology make it the best car in the world right now.

But the car also offers a few more secrets worth knowing.


It’s lightest, lightest and best-equipped car in this class article In this article, we’re taking a look at the BMW 3 Series, the car that won the Sport Bible award for lightest BMW.

The 3 Series was the first BMW to achieve this, and it has been an evergreen contender ever since.

It offers a weight savings of almost a kilogram compared to the 2 Series, and a fuel efficiency of almost 40 mpg, which is pretty good.

The car also has more space, more cargo space, and is easier to park.

The most impressive part is the fact that it weighs only 6.8 kilograms more than the 2 series, and has a total of 1,500 pounds more than a similar car in a standard compact.

The BMW 3 has also a lower centre of gravity, making it easier to steer and a wider stance.

We like the car’s sportiness, but it also comes with some compromises, including a limited amount of space inside the cabin.

In this way, the BMW makes up for its lightness with a few extra pounds.


It gets the best performance out of a small car in all its forms article The 3 series also has a great reputation as a compact car, which has made it the car to beat in terms of efficiency and comfort.

This has led to a few models like the 3 Series Turbo, the M3 and the M6 being popular cars among consumers, and the BMW 6 Series and 6 Series Plus also make the list of the best-selling cars in the US.

The 6 Series is one of the few models in the segment that is built on the same platform as the 3 series, which means that it gets better mileage from a bigger engine, more torque and better acceleration.

The result is that the 6 Series can deliver up to 50 mpg highway, and 40 m in city driving.

The powertrain is also very competitive, which makes it easier for the driver to get a good feeling of acceleration and feel like they’re making it all the way.

The interior is also quite good, with a full-length, leather-wrapped steering wheel and steering column.

This makes the car comfortable to ride, and if you can afford it, the seats are very comfortable, too.

But if you’re not into driving, then there are plenty of other options in the luxury car segment.

The 5 Series is the lightest car in our test, but the interior is just as good.

It also gets a lot of space, which also helps to improve acceleration and handling.

The M5 also has good performance, thanks to its powerful engine, which gets more torque at the expense of weight.

But it’s not the best value in the sporty segment.

It might be the most expensive, but this is a car that most people will enjoy driving, even if it is a bit uncomfortable.

It is a good value for the money.


The only car that comes close to the BMW i3 is a luxury model with more performance article The BMW i7, which was the most successful BMW model in the class, is now almost a decade old, and still offers great performance.

It has a supercharged 2.0-litre engine, a rear-wheel drive system and an electric motor that can produce up to 500 horsepower.

The i7 is also a luxury car that is a bargain at under $30,000.

It makes up the benchmark in terms the range of performance and price, and that makes it the perfect choice for a buyer who is willing to spend more on luxury goods.

But, it doesn’t get the best engine, and doesn’t have the best chassis, which leaves it vulnerable to damage in rough conditions.

This is why it is also one of those cars that people like to buy and sell as often as possible, because it’s a good-value car with great performance and a good interior.

But we’re still waiting for a true successor.


Its the best way to get around town and is the best luxury car in its class article The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is also an impressive luxury car, and although it doesn’s best results from a big engine, the interior design makes it a great choice for the urban traveller.

The cabin of the E-class is spacious, and includes leather seats and a full length steering wheel.

It can also be used as a passenger car, with the option to add a leather steering wheel for up to 150 euros ($185).

The Mercedes E- Class is also the most versatile car in terms its range of capabilities.

You can choose between two- and four-wheel driving, with an option to choose between the rear-drive version and the