‘You’re a f***ing genius’: Architect, designer, and artist Neil Bartlett celebrates his work for the new book ‘Youre a F***ing Genius’ (Part 1)

You’re a genius, eh?

That’s the catchphrase of an architect, designer and artist who’s written an ambitious, yet surprisingly accessible book that will appeal to everyone from budding designers to architects to the curious.

“You’re A F***in Genius,” co-written by the designer and architect Neil Bartlet and published by Littlemore Press, follows Bartlett’s lifelong journey to become a master of interior design.

Bartlett has worked for some of the most prestigious buildings in the world and has collaborated with renowned architects such as Renzo Piano, David Smith and David Lynch.

The book chronicles his transformation from a young boy to an experienced designer who has gone on to create works that have been exhibited at museums around the world.

It also touches on the struggles Bartlett had as a young architect, his struggles to gain recognition for his design work, and his own struggles as an architect.

Bartlet’s latest book, entitled Youre A F**in Genius, is out today.

The interview in this issue with Neil Bartleson will be published tomorrow.

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